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In 2024

The purpose of the event is providing attendees from plastics converting companies information about the bioplastic options already available for industrial purposes and how to process them, in addition to discussing certifications and the legislation that regulates their use.

It will bring together experts from companies and academy in a series of presentations following the topics detailed ahead, allowing the Brazilian market to keep track of the global trend of using bioplastics.



People attending Bioplastics Brazil are mainly technical professionals from plastics converting companies, packaging designers, brand owners, as well as students.


The event will also present the relevant contribution of the scientific community on the topic, with the presentation of recent studies carried out by Brazilian and, possibly, foreign students. The papers are evaluated and selected by the event's scientific committee, made up of researchers from different Brazilian universities.


Pitch and meeting space

One of the new features of the third edition will be the pitches presented by researchers showing new product development opportunities to the market. The 3-5 minutes lasting presentations will focus on the market potential of the products obtained as a result of their research.

The main topics in 2024

  • Analysis of the life cycle of bioplastics: origin, processing, compostability, biodegradation and recyclability

  • Applications for bioplastics

  • Additives for bioplastics

  • Polimerization and processing equipments

  • National and international technical standards

  • Certification and regulation of bioplastics

  • Bioplastics market data

  • Public policies and legislation

  • Reverse logistics (consumers, public authorities, extended responsibility)

  • Economic viability and supply chain

  • Bioplastics, ESG goals and circular economy

  • Start ups and success stories

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