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April 24th

8h - 8h30


8h30 - 9h

Official Opening

8h30 - 9h45

Opening Presentations

Moderator:  Julio Harada - Independent technical consultant and postgraduate teacher

Cooperation, Awareness and Investments: The future of Bioplastics in Brazil

Kim Fabri – CEO of ERT



09:40 - 10:10

10h10 - 12h00

Panel 1 - Suitability of bioplastics for different types of product

Moderator: Cláudio Marcondes - Graphene technical consultant

Bioplastics and the ​compatibility with fiber reinforment

Jörg Dörrstein - Managing Director da Biofibre GmbH


VINNEX   additives: Key findings on biopolyesters blends

Angelita Saul - Gerente Técnica da área de Consumer & Industrial Business da Divisão de Polímeros na América do Sul

R paten.png

ecovio   e trinamiX  : Solutions for a circular economy and combating greenwashing

Jade Rodriguero Dino - Product Management Plastic Additives South America 

Thiago Bazaglia Spedo - Coordenador de Negócios Sr. na GBU de Specialty Polymers

R paten.png
BASF - Logo.tif

Almoço / Brunch

12:00 - 14:00

14h - 15h10

Panel 2 - Polymerization, specification and biodegradation test

Moderator: Hellen Souza – Plástico Industrial Magazine Editor

Growing the material of the future - Production facilities for PLA

Nereo Rodriguez - Sales Manager Polymer Tech. / Licenses at Polymer & Crystallization


Biodegradability analysis and its implications for the specification of bioplastics

Elton Elias Melo Costa - Application Scientist at BPC Instruments-

BPC_INSTRUMENTS_Logotype_no_trademark (1).jpg

8h30 - 9h45

International Market

Moderator: Hellen Souza – Plástico Industrial Magazine Editor

Biopolymers in China: production and regulatory aspects

Cintia Godoi - Co-owner of eeCoo Sustentabilidade

logotipo eeCoo_png_semfundo - WIX.png


15:50 - 16:20

16:20 - 18:00

Panel 3 - Biobased plastics

Moderator: Karina Daruich – Director of KDaruich Consultoria & Treinamento Corporativo   

The role of bio-based plastics in the transition to a carbon-neutral circular economy

Yuri Tomina Carvalho - Sustainable Solutions Manager Packaging & Consumer Goods South America

506-021 IM GREEN BIO-BASED RGB-01.png

Bio-based materials for engineering applications

Carolina Blanez - Sales Supervisor of Mitsubishi Chemical


Bio-Polyamides with High Temperature Resistance

Marcos Vinicius Vinholes Pereira - Leads the application development department at Dakhia - Plásticos de Engenharia



April 25th

8h30 - 9h45

Opening Presentations - PL 2524/22

Moderador: João Carlos Godoy Moreira – Technical/Commerical Director of Oeko Bioplásticos

PL 2524/22 and the opportunities for the bioplastics sector

Emanuel Martins - President of Abicom

LOGO ABICOM 2020 Eventos.webp

PL 2524 - Unraveling the controversies towards the circular economy

André Ballesteros - Independent consultant and Waste Management Coordinator at Sea Shepherd Brazil

Impact of banning laws on the productive sector: Case of PL 2524/22

Paulo Teixeira - Executive President of Abiplast



10:00 - 10:30

10h30 - 12h00

Panel 4 - Standards and certification. Is there a model for the Brazilian market?

Moderator: Julio Harada - Independent technical consultant and postgraduate teacher

The added value of certification

Philippe Dewolfs - Leads the bioplastics certification department in TÜV AUSTRIA


Adequacy of the technical standard NBR ABNT 15.448 - 1 and 2 for harmonization with international standards for certification processes by international organizations

João Carlos de Godoy - Technical/Commerical Director of Oeko Bioplásticos


Lunch / Brunch

12:00 - 14:00

14h00 - 15h40

Moderator: Hellen Souza – Plástico Industrial Magazine Editor

Panel 5 - Life cycle, biodegradation and recyclability of bioplastics

Criteria for choosing a bioplastic

Augusto M. Lopes Dorneles Filho - Head of Audit Office: Aceplas Brasil & ACE-ESG-PLAS Portugal Aceplas

400dpiLogo png.png

The future of sustainable manufacturing: applications of biopolymers in 3D Printing

Bruno Oliveira - Business Coordinator at ADDITIVE 3D Printing Technologies


Miths and Facts about bioplastics

Michael Thielen - Founder and editor of Renewable Carbon Plastics

15:40 - 16:10


16h10 - 17h55

Moderator: Professor and Senior of PMT - POLI/USP Department

Presentations of technical/scientific works

Challenges of putting bioplastics in the electronics packaging industry – A comparative analysis of mechanical and morphological performance

Isabel Cristina Souza Dinóla - FIT Instituto de Tecnologia

Corn zein: application as bioplastics

Prof. Dr. Sergio Akinobu Yoshioka - Instituto de Química de São Carlos-USP

Applications of new bioplastics with industrial hemp 

Augusto M Lopes Dorneles Filho - Aceplas

Obtaining and characterizing a polyurethane composite derived from castor oil and biosilica

Sergio Carvalho de Araújo - Instituto de Química (INQUI) - UFMS

Production and characterization of PHB synthesized by modified E.Coli using molasses as a carbon source

Matheus Victor Maso Lacôrte e Silva - Unesp

Synthesis and characterization of a biopolymer obtained from norbixin and the Dapsone (medicine)

Prof. Dr. Vicente Galber Freitas Viana - Instituto Federal do Piauí (IFPI)

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